What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality?

According to graphologists, your signature is how you want to be seen by the rest of the world, it’s your public face. You will probably change your signature once or twice during your life, as your signature reflects how you evolve as a person. Many people also have variants of signatures which they use, depending whether it is for formal use (i.e. at the bank), or informal use (i.e. on a birthday card or love letter).

In most cases, signatures contain either a first name and a surname, or initials and a surname. When signing and including your first name, it is a representation of your private life, whereas your surname represents your public self, how you act socially.

If in your signature your first name is more visible, it implies that you have positive feelings about your childhood and that your ‘private’ life is usually more important than the way you are seen by the public. If on the other hand your surname is more prominent, this means that your ‘public’ identity is more important to you. If you use initials either for your first name or your surname (or both), it means that you probably wish to keep this part of your life (private or public, as mentioned above), secretive.

Size Does Matter

That’s right, size does matter. We are still talking about signatures so don’t let your mind drift away to other things. A large signature usually shows that you are a person of confidence, however if too big and bold, especially if it is much bigger than the rest of the text, could mark you out as arrogant. Just like large signatures sometimes give the wrong impression, small signatures can have the same effect. A small signature, one that is relatively smaller than the surrounding text, shows a characteristic of shyness, insecurity and low self-esteem.

Rising and Descending Signatures

Signatures sometimes have the tendency to be rising or descending. A rising signature implies optimism and a sense of ambition. When you are faced with problems you can usually tackle them with confidence. On the other hand, a descending signature can mean that you are going through a rough patch in your life, whether it be depression or pessimism. A stable horizontal signature suggests an emotionally stable and well-balanced person who is generally satisfied with how their life is progressing.

Other ‘messages’ your signature can give

• A curved and smooth signature tells that the person is gentle and charming, very outgoing and sociable.

• A signature with the middle name first, indicates that the writer gives top priority to his hobbies and is not able to make faithful friends and lasting relations.

• A signature with a long ending stroke shows extra energy and is proactive.

• A signature with first name and second name interconnected tells a richness in character with a strong parental association.

• A signature with the first letter written in small case with bigger size means that the person has high usable skills but they are beneficial for others, not for himself.

As you can see your signature does say something about you, and for someone who is observant and has some knowledge of signatures (information in this article for instance), they can receive hints on what your personality is all about. Happy signature reading!!!